Atari’s association paves the way for the adoption of its token

Atari has partnered with the blockchain as a service, or BaaS, company Arkane Network, enabling the integration of digital assets into games.

A key aspect of the announcement sees developers able to build the Atari token into aspects of the games‘ realm, said a May 14 statement provided to Cointelegraph.

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Atari is wrapping itself in crypto space
Atari has led multiple articles so far in 2020. The old gaming giant announced a token offer in March. In addition to Atari Token, the company’s plans also include a multi-faceted, decentralized entertainment platform covering movies, games and music.

The May 14 development hooks up with Arkane Network, a brick and mortar blockchain team that provides a developer framework for wallets, APIs and other applications. Arkane also helps programmers incorporate digital assets into their games, according to the release. The partnership adds Atari Token support to the mix, allowing for

asset facilitation in games.

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Atari’s token is gaining ground

Atari sees collaboration as a move in the right direction for the use of blockchain in „interactive entertainment,“ as well as a boost for the company’s assets as a method of exchanging value, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais said in the statement.

The partnership implies that Arkane will incorporate the Atari token into its „offer,“ although the statement was inconclusive as to what that offer might be.

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Cointelegraph contacted Arkane for clarity on the matter, but received no response until the time of publication. This article will be updated accordingly if a response is received.

In March, Atari also announced a partnership with The Sandbox, a blockchain-based content and game monetization platform.